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EKG Leadwires

GE MAC Leadwires

Leadwires for GE MAC 400, MAC 500, MAC 1000, MAC 1100, MAC 1200

GE Marquette Leadwires 412681-002

Leadwires for GE Marquette Eagle, Solar, Dash, MAC-Lab, Cath Lab, M-Prestin and E Modules.Please note that this lead set comes in 2 sets of 5 leads. Part number LQ5-90S0 are leads RL, RA, LA, LL, V; part number LV5-90S0 are leads V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6. For all 10 leads, please purchase both part numbers.

Marquette AM4 Lead Set 900177-203

Leadset to connect to the Marquette AM4 Acquisition Module also for MAC VU.

Philips Trim Touch Leadwires 989803129161

Complete Lead Set for Philips Trim, Trim I, Trim II (989803130101), Trim III, PageWriter TC50 and Touch EKG Machines