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  • Measurement method: Oscillometry
  • Operation model: Manual/Automatic/STAT
  • Measurement unit: mmHg/KPa selectable
  • Measurement types: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
  • Measurement range:
  • Adult pressure: 10 to 270 mmHg; Pulse rate: 30 to 220;
  • Pediatric presure:10 to 200 mmHg; Pulse rate: 30 to 220;
  • Neonate pressure: 10 to 135 mmHg; Pulse rate: 30 to 220
  • Resolution: 1 mmHg
  • Over-pressure protection: Yes
  • Input/output: RS232
  • Accuracy: Pulse rate:±2% or ±3 BPM which is greater
  • Blood pressure :Meets ANSI/AAMI SP10-1992
  • Safety: Independent safety microprocessor monitors cuff pressure, measurement time as well as the operation of the main microprocessor

Indications for use:

  • White-coat hypertension
  • Drug resistant hypertension
  • Hypotensive symptoms with anti-hypertensive medicines

ABPM 50 is a non-invasive, silent, compact, lightweight and reliable blood pressure monitor for ambulatory application. 2 AA alkaline batteries can sustain more than 600 measurements in a period of 48 hours.

It provides double safety protection and can be connected to any laptop or desktop PC. The software provides a user-friendly interface and comprehensive analysis.