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ECG Machines
   - 3-Channel ECG Machine
   - 6-Channel ECG Machine
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   - ECG Simulator

Oxygen Analyser
   - Oxygen Analyser SmartO2 830
   - Oxygen Analyser Model Oxiquant MC
   - AED
   - AED Trainer
   - Biphasic Defibrillator Rescue 230
   - Biphasic Defibrillator Rescue Life

Multipara Monitor
   - 2 - Para Monitor
   - 5 - Para Monitor

   - External Sidestream ETCO2
   - Mainstream End Tidal
     CO2 Sensor

Non Invasive B.P. Monitor
Infusion Pump
   - Syringe Infusion Pump
   - Volumetric Infusion Pump
   - Portable Syringe Pump
Pulse Oximeter
   - Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
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Vascular Doppler
   - 12-Channel Holter
   - 3-Channel Holter

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Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) PAD SAVER ONE

Public Access Defibrillator

User-friendly PAD reliable for any rescuer even without minimal training. Designed for a public access use and licensed to administer fast and safe treatment against cardiac arrest, anytime and before EMS team arriving. Practical, intuitive with CPR guidance and clear instructions supporting the rescuer through the protocol for an effective lifesaving action. Small and lightweight, works with long-life batteries for a maximum portability. The right solution to save lives anywhere: home, public places, swimming pools, offices, schools, hotels, airports, sport facilities, etc.

Saver One, defined as a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD), is designed to be used by people who has duly completed and passed a BLS-D training according to international guidelines as well as lay rescuers (even withouit minimal training).
The device is able to give one or more defibrillation shocks both on adults or children (younger than 8 years and weight <25 kg) victims affected by ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia. The electric shock uses a BTE waveform (biphasic truncated exponential) which is able to self-compensate the energy to deliver according to the impedance of the patient's chest.

Saver One is available in two different operational models: SEMI-AUTOMATIC or 

Throughout multifunction defibrillation pads attached to victims, the device automatically starts analyzing continuous ECG of the patient till detecting shockable rhythms determining alone when a shock is advised. It automatically charges and gets itself ready to deliver a shock levelling the energy after evaluating the chest’s impedance of the patient. Once ready to deliver the shock, the SEMI-AUTOMATIC model will suggest the operator to press the shock button in order to perform the recommended electric shock therapy, while the FULLY-AUTOMATIC will directly give the shock after a short countdown.   

Both models are available in two versions:
• Saver One 200J
Maximum energy at 200J
 Adult shock protocol (150-200-200J)
 Pediatric shock protocol (50J fixed with pediatric pads)
• Saver One 360J
: Maximum energy at 360J
 Adult shock protocol (200-250-360J)
 Pediatric shock protocol (50J fixed with pediatric pads)

For both versions the adult protocols can be customized upon specific requests.

Saver One is a portable device extremely compact and lightweight and can be used with two types of batteries:

• Disposable Battery LiMnO2 (SAV-C0010). Doesn't require any maintenance and is guaranteed to run 
for 4 years in standby mode (new and fully charged battery at a 20°C temperature) or alternatively to make a high number of shocks.
• Rechargeable Battery Li-Ion (SAV-C0011). Suitable for an extensive use of the defibrillator. 
This battery can be recharged using its related battery charger.

The Saver One is able to store ECG, voices, events and environmental recordings on memory cards (xD or SMC) for reading it on your PC with a dedicated software.


AED with ECG Display SAVER ONE D

Easy-to-use AED designed to administer fast and safe treatments against sudden cardiac arrests. Able to give visual fully details on lifesaving actions and many informations throughout a very large display. Practical, intuitive with CPR guidance and clear instructions (voice and text) supporting the rescuer through the protocol for effective operations. Small and lightweight, working with long-life batteries for a maximum portability. The obvious solution for more expertise rescuers or paramedics to act everywhere. It even works just in ECG Monitoring mode.



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