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Infusion Fluid Warmer Model TF-||

Tf-|| Infusion Fluid Warmer is an indirect heating device (dry heat warmer) and can be used repeatedly with standard IV infusion tubing set.The transfused fluid is heated up while passing through the infusion tube which is placed in'S'shaped channel on the heating plate of the warmer.

TF-II is reliable and easy to use in various clinic sites.

  • Portable and easy to use
  • No special training is required
  • Setup can be finished in 1 minute at most
  • high accurate digital control for temperature
  • Infusion Fluid is regulated automatically to the set temperature in short time
  • Acoustic and visible alarming mechanism prevents from over-temperature;automatic power cut-out protect patient from overheart of fluid
  • No special disposable sets are needed can be used with standard I.V tubing
  • Can be used for Routine transfusion, Low flow rate infusion in ICU, transfusion exchange,hight calories infusion

Technical Specification