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Infusion Pump IP 820


  • Compatible with all types of Tubes
  • Voice Alarm Function automatically opens up when there are blockage, bubbles, Infusion is finished etc.
  • This function is only available in our company.
  • In-Time and Accurate Voice Alarm which reduces Nurse workload.
  • Automatic calibration for IV sets of any Brand.
  • Switch between ml/h and drops/min freely.
  • KVO function: When finish the total volume of an infusion, the pump will alarm and enter KVO state.
  • HD LED Display, Friendly User interface for Nurses
  • Large Infusion Speed Range with a Maximum of 1200ml/h
  • The pump includes a set of Rechargeable Lithium batteries that provides Auto Power Failover.
  • Operates at Car DC 12V that is not limited to 220V AC
  • Equipped with Nurse Paging Connecting Port