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OxiQuant S Oxygen Analyser

Used to determine oxygen concentrations in gas mixtures, delivered by oxygen concentrators, blenders...

  • Flexible manual calibration
  • Auto-off (after 3 minutes)
  • Response time: <13 seconds to 90% of value
  • Sensor (with integrated battery) can be replaced

The OxiQuant S oxygen analyser is used to determine oxygen concentrations in gas mixtures. It can be used to monitor gas supply equipment in industry and hospitals or to check breathing mixtures in diving systems (Nitrox and Trimix mixtures).

Its compact dimensions, low weight, easy handling and calibration make the device particularly suitable for mobile applications.

The OxiQuant S is neither designed for personal protection nor for monitoring medical breathing air in direct contact with patients. It must not be used for the preparation of gas mixtures, but to monitor them.