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Size (inches) Description Code
16X4 Easy Carry EC
18X5 Regular LX
18X7 Broad Base DX

An essential for all pediatricians, the infantometers is used to measure the length of infants in order to regularly assess growth and for the early detection of growth disorders. It is made of a sleek broad acrylic base with one sliding side, which is adjustable as per baby’s length. It is available in three models, the easy carry which being light weight is an ideal companion to the traveling pediatrician, the regular model which is well suited for the clinic / hospital OPD and the broad base model that permits to lay the baby on the chest of the scale, to be used in the wards. All models are made with folding sides for easy storage and carrying. Both 18-inch models come with a dual scale for direct reading in cms/inches between 0-45 cm. & 45-90 cm. The broad base model may be used vertically to allow height measurement up to three feet.


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