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  • Extra Quartz Glass Fibers for Maximum Light
  • Incomparable Cold, Bright White LED Light Handles
  • Blue / White Optimum Light Color for Laryngoscopes
  • Low Blade Heel, Full Metal Spatula, Better Landing Area
  • Always Cool LED Fibre Optic Lamp, Pre Focused to Distal End
  • Stainless Steel, Autoclavable Fibre Optic Blades & Light Guides
  • Much Faster, Precise & Easy to Replace Fibre Optic Light Guides
  • Correctly Formed Blade Tip - Smooth, Superior Quality Surface Finish
  • Super Strong, Rigid, Dependable Product Quality and Performance
  • Triple Sprung Ball Bearings - Secure Fit & Firm Blade Handle Engagement
  • Special Profile MAC & MILLER Blades: Facilitates User & Patient Comfort
  • All Blades Are "CE" Marked & Fit Onto Other's Compatible Laryngoscope Systems
Blade Length Distal End Width
Mac 0 80mm 9mm
Mac 1 91mm 11mm
Mac 2 110mm 13mm
Mac 3 133mm 15mm
Mac 4 155mm 15mm
Mac 5 174mm 15mm


Blade Length Distal End Width
Mill 00 65mm 9.5mm
Mill 0 77mm 9.5mm
Mac 2 110mm 13mm
Mill 1 100mm 9.5mm
Mill 2 152mm 13mm
Mill 3 192mm 13mm
Mill 4 207mm 13mm