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Surgical Cauteries

Electrosurgical Unit 380HP

WORKABILITY – SURTRON® HP can be used to execute monopolar and bipolar surgery in the many fields of application where it is requested high precision and reliability.

EASY TO USE – The operation modality and the output controls selection is made simply and means of keys provided with iconographic description. All the indications of operative condition and of selected output level are digital bright.

CUT – The monopolar cut can be performed by pure sine current to obtain an incision with a minimum damage for the adjacent tissues and sure recovery for first intention, or with two different modality of modulation allows to reduce the bleeding during the monopolar cut. (TUR – Arthroscopic)

In the bipolar modality the cut can be effected with pure sine current

HEMOSTASIS – When the surgical action requires to obliterate a bloody vessel the availability of current with different coagulative power allows to effect this type of work both with monopolar and bipolar surgery.

FULGURATION – When it is necessary to cause a superficial necrosis of wide areas, protecting the deeper tissues, it is available for the operation a special coagulant current that dehydrates the superficial layer of the tissue and reduces the possibility of damage those underlying.

OUTPUT CONTROL – Output power levels are adjustable by means of incremental encoders that allow the exact predetermination and reproductivity of the values. The output function is linearized and a managed by means of electronic microcontrollers which prevent the delivery when any condition of checked alarm happen.

SAFETY TO USE – Circuit dedicated to the safety of operator and patient had been particularly mind. Monopolar and bipolar output circuits are completely floating and the use of the defibrillator is allowed while the reference plate patient is connected.

– SURTRON® HP uses all solid state electronic parts and it is realized with modular interchangeable board for a fast and effective maintenance. Particular automatic control circuits protect the unities from damage also due to repeated improper use.

Patient to plate contact control
Plate/patient circuit watching (Skin Plate Electronic Control)
Digital control and indication of the output power
Adjustment of the intensity of the sonorous issue
Split or not split return electrode use allowed
Over Temperature Control (OVT)

Main Features



Maximum output power monopolar CUT (W)

375 → 300Ω

Maximum output power monopolar CUT/COAG 1(W)

340→ 300Ω

Maximum output power monopolar CUT/COAG 2(W)

300 → 300Ω

Maximum output power monopolar COAG (W)

225 → 300Ω

Maximum output power monopolar COAG2 (W)

150 → 300Ω

Maximum output power monopolar spray COAG3 (W)

80 → 2000Ω

Maximum output power BIPOLR CUT(W)

90 → 100Ω

Maximum output power BIPOLAR COAG(W)

80 → 100Ω

Monopolar working frequency

475 kHz

Bipolar working frequency

525 kHz

Mains voltage (Vac)

115- 230

Mains frequency (Hz)

50 - 60

Electrical class (EN60601 – 1)


Neutral electrode


Weight kg


Size HxLxD mm


Standard Accessories



Unit eletricalsurgery code


Ball electrode length 7 cm


Blade electrode length 7 cm A


Blade electrode length 15 cm


Cable for neutral plate disposable/5365


Disposable handle with finger switches


Disposable split neutral electrode


Electrode cleaning sponge size 47x50mm


HP double water-proof foot switch


Manual of instructions


Needle electrode length 7 cm


Power supply cable 3x1.5mm SIE-IEC – 5mt


Reusable handle with finger switches


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